Wednesday, November 11, 2009

the day after ida

well for a hurricane that wasnt supposed to be anything much, ida certainly brought on its share of the gulf of mexico. is there an end to the words used to describe mud? slop, mush, pain in the butt. just when the barn yard had dried to an almost liveable, tho not arid, condition, now here we are back in the caked on legs, faces, sloppy footing, cant get a wheel barrow thru it, mess . i whine certainly. horses are best and most fun under ideal situations and weather makes a huge difference. how much fun do you really have a show or an event when the sky is opening up its guts and landing it all on you while you try to do your best and look like you are having fun so the judge up in their dry little shelter gives you that score you want. life on a horse, and horse farm, is so much nicer when the air is mild, almost cool, dry and there are no bugs left and the leaves are colorful. that is what fall is supposed to be about. the easy time to be owner of a horse farm. but as in most things...this too shall pass. wasnt it a few months ago we were in serious drought. and i could whine about that but it has passed and life is short. and there are muddy horses nickering for dinner

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