Friday, May 21, 2010

the Joline Update - May 21, 2010

We are at day 346 as of today with our pregnancy. I am certain that Joline does not agree that this is, our, pregnancy, as she is the one who is wider than a Mack truck is long, asymmetrical cause the foal is laying on her left side now, her hip and hind leg joints all are loose and she moves with a deep sway with each stride, slowly and carefully placing one foot after another so as not to fall down. This is truely her heavy load to bear, but, my anxiety is right there with her disgruntlement. That and my being up on the hour , every hour to check the tv screen of her activities, or lack, contributing to a serious lack of sustained sleep.  I am just really glad I am not in her hooves and going thru this agony, been there, done that. Joline is really not amused with her present status, and I don't blame her.

This will make Joline's 5th foal here on this farm. I know she had three in Holland before she was imported to the USA by my good friend Lisa, who is an intelligent horse woman, with a keen eye for quality in a horse. These European three have done exceptionally well over there in various sports, and one of them an Elite daughter has produced a KWPN stallion, Scandic, who is doing very well in international dressage competition.

Here her babies have all been beautiful, and well put together, and all possess brains that are wired with intelligence and spirit. The first was Wizard, by Darwin, a colt of deep burnt chocolate with an irregular blaze, a super fellow so pretty it was so easy to look at him, alot, precocious, had a keen sense of play, and it wasn't hard to watch him move. Then came the lovely Avalon, by Juventus, a super model bay filly with the thinnest of stripes down her wide, seductive face with huge liquid brown eyes. She could bat her thick eyelashes like a Southern Belle, and moved like a ballerina.

Barishnikov came next, a breeding that happened because a breeder in Holland, who happened to have bred his stallion to Joline over there and knew of her quality, contacted me to see if I would breed her to Contango for him. I did and he bought this weanling and took him back to Holland as a potential stallion for the KWPN. Barishnikov was also a dark brown with a bit more white than Wizard, a bit rounder in body type, and was possibly the most sensible young horse I have ever handled. He was just wise. And he could also move well.

Cistine, now 3years old, a dark bay filly by Flemmingh, she is of the same brain as the rest, very intelligent and engaged with humans, a very funny girl.  She is quite tall at 3, being 16.2h now and still growing, still a bit lanky but is really fancy.

The foal that is supposed to happen here at any moment will have a name starting with an F, and will be the offspring of a horse I have liked for a long time from the videos I saw of him when he was a youngster, Farrington. I hope this foal shares his uphill elegance and Joline's je ne ce qua in the brain department. I know if will  be pretty whether a filly or a colt. For right now I want good health for both mom and foal...and

 Got my alarms set on my trusty Iphone and am ready. Come on Joline.

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