Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Fish Recipe

Mark took this shot last night as we had just begun to eat our dinner, before the carnage that left no prisoners or evidence. He should have taken the "after" photo, spotless plates. There was an afternoon storm in the area and the wind was blowing a nice cool breeze so we were enjoying being able to sit on the front porch to eat without the bugs and heat. Plus I had spent the afternoon with a hose washing down the porch and it was clean and all of the cobwebs were gone. There was a mist falling and the light in the trees around us was glowing. Nice afternoon meal on the farm.

Since I posted the photo I have had many requests for how to, and info on the shredder for the veggies. At your requests, here is the basic: I am not a measuring kind so these are approximations.

The Marinade: Equal parts soy sauce mixed with maple syrup ( I usually mix 1/2 cup of each    depending on how many servings you are doing)
                         Sesame oil...1tbs or so
                         Ginger....fresh grated is good but smoked powder is good too, to taste
                         Garlic.....fresh chopped, or whatever you have again to taste.
                         Black Sesame seeds optional, but pretty
                         Mix all together.

Two nice pieces of sushi grade tuna
                         Put into bowl with marinade, coat well and let it sit and come to room temp.

Shredded Zucchini, Carrot, and Onion Saute
                         I used a Mandolin Slicer, a cool gadget that shreds, slices, and does all kinds of fun
                         with your food to make it interesting. USE THE GUARD, open blades are very sharp!
                         I used the smallest shredding blade for this. Might want to hold off on the wine until
                         this part is done. Don't ask me how I know.

                         Zucchini.....2 average sized cut in half length wise then shredded
                         Carrot....I used one but more would have been pretty too, and good
                         Onion....1/2 white onion, cause that was what was left in the fridge
                         Toss to mix and set aside. Heat a saute pan or wok with 1tbs olive oil and 1 tbs coconut
                         oil, put on low and just keep it warm for now.  

Rice....I cooked one cup of long grain with two cups water, cooking method up to you.

Cooking the fish:  Heat saute pan with 1tbs or so of olive oil til shimmering. For sesame crust, sprinkle top side with seeds and put that piece in the pan seed side down, repeat with other piece. Depending on preference of rareness, saute to desired doneness on seeded side, sprinkle more seeds on the new top side, and then flip fish making sure you swirl the pan to redistribute the oil so it won't stick. Take sip of wine... when done, remove to serving plate. Pour marinade into saute pan to deglaze and allow to boil to reduce to a glaze. Scraped up the burned bits, that's where all of the flavor is...well, alot of it.

While the fish are doing there thing sauteing, heat up the other pan for the veggies and toss in the veggies coating well and keep tossing until the zucchini begins to clear and get slightly limp. Serve immediately, you don't want to cook til mush.

Arrange all on the plate, then drizzle the glaze on the fish and rice. I served it with sliced heirloom tomatoes from the garden topped with mayo, but that's optional of course. Enjoy the heck out it.  We did.

Bon Appetit!                

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